Refund Policy


  • Every purchase is definitive. No refunds will be ever issued under any circumstance. Any attempt of the costumer to overturn the transaction related to the purchase of our products will result in an immediate suspension of the Key bought by the same costumer. This also applies to the other licenses bought by the costumer of Two 2nd. Any action with purpose of defaming any Two 2nd product will result in an immediate key suspension. We reserves the right to suspend, without any notice, any Key used or bought by any user that will be identified as an high risk costumer by our company.


  • All our sales are final and no refunds will be issued, but an exception could be made on seller’s decision.
  • If tool doesn’t work on your machine due to our mistake you can contact us and we will find a solution.
  • If your antivirus (or any other program) blocks the tool, your PC is infected by a virus, our team will not provide a refund.
  • We also dont give refunds to all our gift cards and download software products. Please note this.
  • Nevertheless, we try to satisfy our customers as best we can. Because we want customer satisfaction. 

Our products are non-refundable as these are digital product keys. And our services are non-refundable as well as we can’t remove the in-game service from your game account after you done it. By confirming our terms of service, you agree to this.

Other Payment: Skrill, Wise, Revolut, Credit Card, CAD Interac, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Paypal F&F, Cashapp, Gift Card Or Etc.